The Deputy Foreign Minister for international economic relations, Dimitris Mardas, discussed the issue of promoting subcontracting with the president of the Greek International Business Association (SEVE), Kyriakos Loufakis, and the director general of the Greek-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Athanasios Kelemis, at a meeting today at the Foreign Ministry.

It was agreed at the meeting to make the web platform ProGreece (http://www.pro-greece.com) available to all the bilateral Chambers. ProGreece has been developed by the Greek-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in cooperation with SEVE, to strengthen the pursuit of subcontracting cooperation between Greek enterprises and businesses in other countries

ProGreece is an interactive network of German and Greek companies. The aim of the network is to promote cooperation between Greek enterprises –with surplus production or a desire to expand their turnover – and German companies that aim to capitalize on outsourcing. It is an effort towards collective promotion of the Greek business community in German industry, helping significantly in the Greek export sector.

Chambers interested in using the ProGreece platform can contact the Thessaloniki branch of the Greek-German Chamber by telephone, at 2310327733, or SEVE, at 2310535333

Finally, in the context of the meetings held, the programme of Mr. Mardas visit to Berlin this July was agreed upon. This visit aims to present the ProGreece platform to the Central Union of German Chambers – the German equivalent of the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) – and to the German Foreign Ministry.

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