The agribusiness sector, is one of the fastest and most dynamically growing sectors in Greece, with a strong presence in Europe and a growing presence in the US. Many Greek companies are considered to have a competitive advantage and have managed to innovate and differentiate themselves.

Over the next few years the Greek agribusiness sector is expected to increase its contribution to GDP’s growth. The recent shift towards organic products, the prevalence of the Mediterranean diet, the increased drive for self-efficiency and food safety as well as the potential for clusters increased innovation and R&D are but a few of the key factors to enable Greece to play a leading role in the region.

On the other hand, the Greek Government’s main task is to implement structural reforms and offer incentives in the agribusiness sector that aim to transform uncertainty into stability, competitiveness and growth.
žžž Will it succeed?
žž Can Greece be the protagonist of the Southeast European region?

Within this context, The Economist Events sets in Thessaloniki an ideal setting for an open, informed debate with prominent leaders from government, business, technology and academia, who are encouraged to share their knowledge and expertise, in our forthcoming Third Agricultural Business Summit on March 10th 2017.

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