Despite uncertainty, the gradual improvement of economic indicators continues SEV's Monthly Economic Bulletin

The Commission has announced plans to overhaul the way in which companies are taxed in the Single Market, delivering a growth-friendly and fair corporate tax system. See Press Release, as well as Questions and Answers on the package of corporate tax reforms

You are invited to discover Greek civilization and culture by organising your educational trip, seminar, conference, workshop and courses in unique institutions. Experience the history, the present and the future of Greece!

List of important Greek International Trade Fairs scheduled for 2015

List of the International Trade Fairs that will be held in Greece in 2013 according to the organizers' announcements so far. The list is frequently updated.

The Greek Law Digest is the most complete and comprehensive scientific report that has ever been made in the English language on all the basic regulatory and legal aspects that an investment in Greece may entail.

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