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Λήξη 2017-12-31: Contractor Prequalification 2015-2017 over 1M Contractor Prequalification 2015- 2017 (over $1 million) and Best Practice Accreditation Scheme (Πολιτεία Νέα Νότια Ουαλία)
Κατηγορίες κειμένου:
Χώρα αναφοράς: ΑΥΣΤΡΑΛΙΑ
Ημερομηνία: 09/07/2015
Έκδοση: Γραφείο Ο.Ε.Υ. Σύδνεϋ
Πηγή: https://tenders.nsw.gov.au/dfs/?event=public.rft.show&RFTUUID=EF5CDA5D-961F-288A-FEFED2DA8C499A61
Κείμενο: Automatic recognition of contractors prequalified under 2011-2014 scheme

Contractors Prequalified for works over $1m under the previous scheme (the Department of Finance and Services Contractor Prequalification and Best Practice Accreditation Scheme 2011 – 2014) are automatically recognised as prequalified under the Office of Finance and Services Contractor Prequalification and Best Practice Accreditation Scheme 2015 – 2017 for Construction and related works valued $1m and over (“the Scheme”).

Application acceptance

Prior to and during the life of the Scheme

Scheme commences

1 January 2015

Scheme concludes

31 December 2017

The existing Contractor Prequalification and Best Practice Accreditation Scheme (the Scheme) will continue to operate for works valued at over $1 million. It offers panels of prequalified contractors for construction and related works to service the requirements of NSW Government agencies, State Owned Corporations, public institutions (such as Universities) and NSW Local Government Councils.

The scheme services the following work categories:
Building Works (including Heritage specialities)
Fitout and Refurbishment:
Civil Works (including Water Infrastructure and Wastewater treatment specialities)
The Scheme services the following Contract Systems:
Construction (C)
Design and Construct (DC)
Managing Contractor (MC)
Please lodge the completed application form to :


Alternatively by Post to:


Senior Manager

Category Management Construction

Office of Finance & Services

Level 10, McKell Building

2-24 Rawson Place


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