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Για επικοινωνία ενδιαφερόμενων, απευθύνεστε προς κ. James Lee, President.

Ενδιαφέρον εταιρείας αφορά σε μεταφορά αμερικανικής τεχνογνωσίας (seed to sale) και σε εισαγωγή υλικού ως ακολούθως:


We are the exclusive brokers for Sanyal Biotechnology's Federal DEA Schedule 1 drug import registration for cannabis extracts and THC.  This means we are licensed by the US Federal Government to import cannabis extracts to supply our country's and it's corporation's and Universities' research and development purposes.

We are currently establishing global partnerships with countries that have authorized exporting of these extracts.

We are able to import "organic cannabis extracts" for all Research and Development purposes within the US.  That R&D can be for pharmaceutical and/or industrial use as long as the research receives proper Federal approvals. So to answer your questions simply, both.  

My initial desire is to import pharmaceutical grade oils that contain THC, to conduct FDA licensed large scale clinical trials for the global pharmaceutical industry.   
My specific product desire would be "full-spectrum cannabis oils/extracts".  
We would NOT be importing actual plant material.


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