B2 Directorate plays an important role in the existing institutional functioning of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which includes a set of supporting extroversion actions both in executive and operational level. It consists of three (3) Departments with the following responsibilities:



I. Department of Evaluation, supervision and Coordination of the ECA offices

  • Ensures the proper implementation of the Quality Management System by the ECA offices.
  • Handles and make good use of the benefits of the Quality Management System and upgrades it when necessary.
  • Coordinates the operation of the Calendar of extroversion activities


ΙI. Department of analysis and evaluation of International Markets

  • Monitors international economic and trade developments and competition trends aiming at the overall evaluation of international markets for Greek exports, and makes proposals on the formation of a comprehensive strategy.
  • Assesses, compiles, and analyzes ECA Offices suggestions concerning individual foreign markets and sectors of interest for Greece.
  • executes a comprehensive and comparative evaluation of the functioning of the ECA offices. Compounding this with a market assessment makes recommendations on the geographical presence and staffing of the ECAs.
  • Presents the overall annual activities of B Directorate-General

ΙI. Department of web content management

  • Operates the “AGORA” portal, i.e. collects, verifies, evaluates, handles and posts information (economic, commercial, regulatory and business-related) made available to the B1 Directorate by the ECA Offices as well as other institutional entities.
  • Records, reviews and posts on AGORA’s public calendar the overall annual planning of extroversion activities of the ECA offices, in conjunction with the planned actions of state and private agencies, and update it on a regular basis.
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