Β3 Directorate is responsible for the bilateral economic relations of Greece with the countries of North Africa, Middle East and Persian Gulf. The Directorate is competent principally for the study and submission of proposals aiming at the development of the bilateral economic relations with the above countries, the preparation of the suitable institutional framework of economic co-operation via the conclusion of agreements, the monitoring and handling of issues related to the commercial, financial and technical cooperation, the preparation and process planning of the interstate committees and of the bilateral negotiations, and the monitoring of the economic and commercial relations with the above countries in collaboration with the Embassies and the Offices of Economic and Commercial Affairs, other Ministries and Bureaus, and entities or bodies of both the private and public sectors.
B3 Directorate consists of two departments:

  • Department of Economic Relations with the countries of Maghreb and Mashriq (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestinian Authority)
  • Department of Economic Relations with the countries of Middle East and of the Persian Gulf (Kuwait,
    Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates).
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