B6 Division is in charge of relations between Greece and International Economic Organizations, as well as monetary affairs and ad-hoc issues.

The main activities of B6 Division are the following:

  • Representation of Greece in International Organizations and dealing with relevant issues
  • Multilateral conventions and agreements, as well as international congresses and conferences
  • Collecting, processing and studying information related to the activities of international organizations
  • Candidatures in International Economic Organizations
  • Reporting to other Ministries, Authorities or Organizations concerning activities of International Organizations
  • Observation of activities in World Trade Organization (WTO)
  • Observation of activities of International Maritime Organization in cooperation with the Ministry of Mercantile Marine
  • Compensation claims of Greek citizens against foreign Governments for losses or damages due to their actions or measures
  • Endowments, donations and contributions to the Greek State by expatriate Greeks
  • Social Insurance issues concerning expatriate Greeks.
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